Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stranglehold or Embrace?

From this week's "Pastor's Page"...

"I know some people who are afraid to become students of God’s Word because they are afraid God might just reach out and touch their lives with the kind of change we might not want. That’s understandable to me. As a human race, we’re pretty comfortable with our habits and our way of life. As Christians, we know that Jesus always accepts everyone right where they are, but never leaves them there. He always transforms us, grows us up, and matures us.

That can be a bit scary. There’s always the worry that He might ask me to do something like Abraham: leave home on a faith adventure. Or He might do something like He did for Samuel: God made him a full time church worker. Augghhhh!

We hesitate to let the Lord have His way with us, until, like Abraham and Samuel and countless others, we realize that when God reaches out to us in His Word, it is not a grab to drag us captive, but an embrace of love to set us free!

I know we’ll hear from Abraham and Samuel one day that the greatest thing that ever happened to them was when the Lord spoke and they listened."

This is so true and something I think almost every Christian struggles with to one degree or another. You would think after all God has done for me that I would trust him more...but you would be wrong.

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