Friday, December 4, 2009

Heal the World

Alright, I recently gave Obama a pass on the deferential bow to the Japanese Prime Minister. However, this greeting, or non-greeting, with the Russians is worth showing because it demonstrates that Obama's supposedly superior way of engaging with our international "allies" is not only a pathetic attempt at some sort of "kum-ba-yah, let's all get along" policy but demonstrates that other world powers don't respect weakness. Keep in mind, this is took place in July. In September, Obama decided not to pursue the building of a missie defense system in eastern Europe which was intended to protect our troops stationed there in addition to our European allies.

Apparently, the Russians were upset that the accompanying satellite technology could be used to spy on them. This was most likely the reason for the proverbial cold shoulder. Obama's public excuse was that Iran is pursuing shorter-range missiles rather than longer-range so the threat is not as great to Europe as originally believed. The real reason is probably closer to Obama wanting to be liked by everyone. Quick tip for you Mr. President...appeasement is not a wise foreign policy. (See Bill Clinton and North Korea if you need one example of many.)