Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Random Musings

Rosie and Donald...great publicity move and the media ate it up with a spoon. May not be the most charming individuals but they know how to get free advertising and generate ratings. Yes, Trump's new show debuted last week. What a coincidence.

Bush calling for more troops in Iraq. Hard to know if it's a good idea or not. Can any number of troops really stop a looming civil war? If no tangible results are generated by summer than we need to go another direction. Oh, and by the way, the troop increase was something being called for by Harry Reid just this past December. My what a short memory he has as he quickly shakes that off and joins his parroting comrades.

Tough loss for Iowa on the road tonight at Illinois. Those games are usually lost by the kind of young team we have. Impressive enough that we were leading at the half and only lost by 4 seeing as we haven't won there since 1999.

Nice day for the markets. Commodity prices falling and Apple's new phone putting dollars in the pockets of shareholders. Semiconductors acting well and oil dropping below $55 a barrel. If we can get to new highs on the year this market could really start to frustrate the bears.