Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, I've Got Gonorrhea!

Breathe Mom...that's a line from a Seinfeld episode. At least it gave my brother a chuckle.

Everyone miss me? Hello? Anyone? Bueller?

My bro was wondering if my lack of postings was due to the proverbial well running dry. Not so fast. This noodle is always working. However, I often feel like my existence is tethered to a computer and the blogging is one facet of my life that can be put on hold to offer some break from the world of cathode ray tubes.

So anyway, I will try to be back more often now. Let's play a little catch up (pronounced ketchup).

Before I forget, I bought two bananas and ate them both before they turned black. It's a big day in my world.

Had care group tonight. Good discussions. We focused on what happens when we no longer truly know who we are and the repurcussions of that. God created us with specific intent and incredible detail and attention. We were made to fulfill a certain purpose...to do those good works prepared for us in advance. Why are we then so willing to create our own little world with our own mission statement and our own sources of validation? Do we really think our way is better or did something happen to us along the way that made us no longer believe we were good enough or strong enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with being an ambassador for Christ? It's pretty incredible how God continues to believe in us when we are so reluctant to believe in ourselves. He must see something we don't...and that is very encouraging.

So I bought a new scale a couple weeks ago. It's got all the readings...body fat, hydration, etc. Only focusing on the weight aspect at this point. That was a frightening figure. I think it has finally scared me into action. It's not that I eat unhealthy. It's more of a function of a daily soda and weekly beer and lack of exercise. The shin splints have put a real crimp in my workout routine so I will just have to find other avenues. But something has to happen. I can't make fun of fat people anymore if I am going to be one myself.

You will love this. Still doing the eharmony thing. Here is the question that a woman asked me yesterday..."If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be?" Oy vey. You gotta be kidding me. And people wonder why I am single? I don't know what kind of cookie I would be but I am willing to bet that she would be a cookie that is quite nutty.

Getting ready to head to Chicago for a fantasy football weekend. We have the draft Friday night at the house of one of the guys in the league and then head out Saturday to watch Iowa play Northern Illinois at Soldier Field. Never been there before so looking forward to that. Then it will be on to Carmine's (great Italian place) and Rush Street until the bars close or we go to jail. Maybe both if it's a really fun night.

That's all for now. Gotta watch the USA basketball team finish their Puerto Rico beatdown. Great to be back.

Peace out.