Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's This and That With Rusty

Any MADTV fans out there? Hello?

I haven't been sleeping well lately and I think part of the problem is that I haven't been blogging enough which helps me get things out and off my mind. That was the original intent of this blog and I need to get back to it.

So, first things first...Janeane Garofalo on "24"? Please...not that. Shouldn't she be working a gig on a lesbian cruise somewhere in the Alaskan waters? Her early comedic act consisted almost entirely of tirades against men and Hollywood for believing women should look a certain way, i.e. pretty. She made it pretty clear that she refused to play that game just to get more acting gigs. So, now we have a slimmed down Janeane on prime time. Nothing motivates like the need for money, now does it?

Just in case anyone thinks that all the conservative fervor over the incoming Obama's administration total disregard for the unborn is just hype and hoopla, consider this: As President Obama was inaugurated, the White House Web site was being transformed. In the Agenda section, the new administration set forth a range of ambitious technological goals. Most were stated in general, if not vague, terms. One goal, however, was blunt and straightforward. “It says, simply, the administration will ‘Advance Stem Cell Research: Support increased stem cell research. Allow greater federal government funding on a wider array of stem cell lines.’ This can be done by executive order, so there is little uncertainty that it will come to pass.”

Also, Obama held true on his word to repeal the "Mexico City" policy, which means that US taxpayers are once again funding international abortions. He postponed signing this act until the last possible minute on Friday so it garnered as little media coverage as possible. Isn't it interesting that Obama himself wanted no attention regarding this policy reversal? If you believe it is the right thing to do, why not shout it from the rooftop? Perhaps, for the same reason that pro-abortionists wouldn't want to sit and watch footage of a nearly born child having a pair of scissors inserted into the back of its skull. Deep down, in the recesses of their hearts, where God's image still resides, they know it's wrong and have a sense of shame, even if they have buried it so far down under rationalization and misplaced indignance that they can no longer consciously connect with it. It's a tragedy on numerous levels.

I was in Borders today trying to find a John Eldredge book. No luck. However, I was struck by the number of books on atheism, tarot cards and every other kind of man-made belief system. It truly is a tragedy that so many are looking in so many wrong places. We truly have a lot of work to do. On a lighter note, I noticed there was a "Literature" section. It's a bookstore. Isn't the whole place a literature section?? I guess these are books written about books. Kinda like a coffee table book about coffee tables.

I was listening to JC and the U-Man on the radio on my way to work on Thursday and caught JC's latest thoughts, or lack thereof, on God. I have tried to witness to him on several occasions but his mind and heart are so closed that I think it will truly take a "Damascus Road" moment to shake him out of darkness. They were talking Obama's inauguration speech and his supposed agreement with the Constitution's assertment that "all men are created equal". JC jumped on that and said that is crap because you can't tell me that the guy standing next to Michael Jordan is equal to talent, money, fame, etc. And, of course JC is right in that context. We are not equal to each other when it comes to physical gifts, intelligence or socioeconomic status. But that isn't what the Constitution is saying. As much as he would hate to admit it, JC should realize that the signers of that document, for the most part, very much believed in the God of the Bible. Thus, equality means that we were all created equally in God's eyes, everyone in His image. God made each of us wonderfully different and unique but His love is available to each and everyone (by the way, I heard a recent Piper teaching on how God's love for believers is uniquely special compared to the unsaved, using John 17 as his reference). It was the founder's hope that America would value that kind of eternal equality and live it out in this temporal world by promoting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am somewhat surprised that JC didn't jump on the word "created". Since, he doesn't believe in God, he can't believe in creation. That would have been the better point to make but perhaps he has learned to tone down the overt references to atheism on the radio.

OK...that should hold me for a bit. I need to do a 2008 wrap up at some point. Hopefully soon.