Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

This isn't really going to be a patriotic post. It's important to celebrate the birth of this country and to remember how it started and the numerous blessings God has provided along the way. It's also important to be realists about where we are at now...that although there is still a lot of good left it is being crowded out by forces that the founders never intended and God never wanted. Our part is to simply do our part.

So, what's new...Definitely enjoying the warmer weather. It's wonderful. I like being tan and feeling vibrant and healthy. It's very life affirming. After all, the Garden of Eden had to be quite temperate, right? Adam and Eve weren't running around naked in an Arctic environment.

Tough market again. All the issues that plagued us in the beginning of the year are once again in focus as banks and housing and energy and food prices dominate headlines and the minds of traders. Israel and Iran jawbone at each other. I can't help but think of Armageddon everytime I see Iran and the West going at it. Kinda keeps things in perspective. As to surviving in this market - it's not a great secret. Buy companies that hold hard assets - oil, coal, precious metals, etc. It's worked for quite awhile now and shows no signs of abating. $145 oil may not be good for the consumer but it ain't bad if you are in the exploration and production business. We are definitely seeing a great wealth shift from West to East and that will have far reaching consequences going forward.

Been suffering through a bit of a depression lately. I finally figured out that it is part of the grieving process from the end of a relationship not too long ago. I went through a few weeks of intense anger and resentment and I am glad that most of that is over. I am looking forward to the acceptance stage and having this mental and emotional drain behind me. It's the great irony...The ones we care about the most are the ones who end up hurting us the most because if we didn't care about them we wouldn't be so deeply hurt when their words and actions turn against us. It's just unfortunate when you give everything you can to someone and not only is it not enough for them but they actually fail to appreciate and respect everything you have done.

I'm tired of hearing the constant whining of political pundits about either Obama or McCain flip-flopping on issues. Yes, it's nice to know where a candidate stands and to be able to depend on that although I'm not sure that happens much anymore. But isn't it also good for someone to change their mind when new information comes to light or a more worldly perspective is brought about through new experiences? I don't mind someone changing their mind on an issue as long as they have a good reason and explain their new outlook clearly. We should all have morals and values that stand the test of time but to never have any new thoughts or ideas on important issues shows either an inflexible mind or the lack of pursuit of knowledge.

That will do it for now. Margaritas tomorrow. Get excited.