Sunday, October 21, 2007


Just wanted to post a quick note on the latest shenanigans coming out of this country's legislative body. I am primarly referring to various Democrat leaders taking to the House floor to denounce Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldier" comment. This is sickening on so many levels. First, when did it become the business of Congress to go after talk show radio hosts? Aren't they supposed to be working on passing legislation to better the lives of Americans? Or is that too antiquated of a notion? Second, it's not like they just publicly condemned the comment...oh no...not these pillars of society. Tom Harkin decided to turn it into a personal attack and wondered aloud whether or not Rush was on drugs again. Well done Tom. The majority of potheads vote for your party so you might want to be careful not to alienate your constituency.

Of course, the comments of Harkin and Majority Leader Reid are even more deplorable because they have no basis in fact. Rush was referring to Jesse Macbeth when he issued his "phony soldier" comment. It was in no way an overriding indictment of the US military that so many Democrats claimed it was. Jesse Macbeth claimed to be an Army Ranger and to have witnessed many atrocities in Iraq at the hands of the American military. The leftists trotted him out as the latest example of how evil our country is. One small problem. Jesse wasn't an Army Ranger and he was never in Iraq. He is a liar, a fake, a charlatan, a...what was the word?...oh yes...PHONY.

I think Reid and Harkin probably knew the truth but they don't care about truth. They will simply lie to further their cause and the cause of those who dump millions into their coffers. That group would include George Soros and two of the worst purveyors of this kind of crap - and Media Matters. The latter claims to be out to expose misinformation sown by conservatives but instead it makes its living off of distortions and fabrications. They are trying to take down every conservative commentator in this country. They've even gone after one of their liberal friends, Juan Williams, when he vouched for Bill O'Reilly in their latest witch hunt.

Many politicians have been bought in this country's history - both Democrats and Republicans. Neither party has been a beacon of truth. However, Democrats have reached a new level of absolute depravity. If you can't win the war of ideas and debate legitimately then simply try to eliminate the other side altogether.

Absolutely pathetic. No accountability. No honor. No shame.