Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a Couple Things

My brother came to visit last weekend. It was a very good time of laughing and sharing. I'm very blessed to have a brother that I really admire, respect and enjoying spending time with. Although there have been many exmaples in his life in which he followed my lead, I learn just as much from him now as he ever took from me. I rejoice in his heart for God and for people and I love the way he lives life with openness and adventure.

Just a quick follow up to my recent blog on the differences in the top 2 commands of Islam and Christianity. I think it was in a Bill Keller devotional, that he talked about two representatives - one Muslim and one Christian - who would regularly get together and discuss different topics in front of an audience. One of those topics dealt with the type of relationship that each had with their God. The Christian talked of how God yearned for an intimate, personal, bride/groom relationship. The Muslim, on the other hand, stated how disrespectful it would be to Allah to ever even think of having such a relationship. It really gets to the core of the difference between Christianity and all other religions. God came down to be with us, walk among us and to make His place with us. Every other religion is about how to get up to God's level. What do I need to do to get close, to gain his approval, to reach God in some small way. It's clear that Christianity is so backwards to the natural way that people think that it could never have been created by man. To me that is one of the most powerful witnessing tools when someone starts talking about how all religions really worship the same God and lead to the same place.