Friday, June 10, 2011

Ambassador for Christ

"The usefulness of your ministry depends in large measure on the depth of your spiritual life." - Colin Smith, Senior Pastor of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois

How aware are you throughout each and every day that you are an ambassador of Christ...that God is making His appeal through you? Every Christian has this ministry every single day whether they know it or not. It is incredibly freeing to know that it is God working through us. It is incredibly humbling that the perfect God of the universe reaches others through our fingertips. It is incredibly convicting that I have a responsibility to be walking closely with God in order that I may be most effective in the advancement of His Kingdom.

Far too often, I view my spiritual walk as my spiritual if it starts and ends with me and is ultimately for my growth and edification. How short sighted of me. My spiritual growth and sanctification ripples through the sphere of influence in which God has placed me. If I am finding a comfort level with sin and neglecting my daily time with God, I have not only hurt myself but those around me. Yes, God can still work through me because He is God regardless of the status of my heart. After all, He worked through the Assyrians and Babylonians. But if I have taken my eyes off of Him, I am going to be far less willing and open to being used by Him. Ultimately, I am impeding His will and His ministry of reconciliation with the world.

I am very thankful for the ministry God has given me as a care group leader. Over the years, I have certainly noticed the differences in my preparation and effectiveness as a leader when my life is saturated with God. I have more wisdom and a greater ability to connect the dots for guys between their lives and God's Word. Of course, this wisdom isn't mine. It is just flowing more freely through me from the Spirit as this vessel of clay is more willing to be shaped by its potter.

I need to remember that the unopened Bible on my nightstand isn't an issue just between God and myself. It reaches much further than I will ever know.

"Ministry is not what we do for God, it's what God does through us. Be Spirit-filled like Jesus." - Mark Driscoll