Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekends are Good

My life slows down on weekends and that is a very welcome event.

In preparation for Tuesday's Bible Study, I came across this passage in our book today: "God made us desperately hungry for Him because He, out of love, is hungry for us. His hunger for us isn't an expression of neediness or emptiness, as is our hunger for Him. Rather, His hunger for us is an expression of the fullness of His perfect love. Precisely because He is a God of perfect love, He creates beings with whom He deeply wants to share Himself and who desperately need Him."

I don't think I have ever heard the phrase that God is hungry for us. It gives a renewed perspective from God's point of view. I like that.

Interesting dreams last night. I was debating Bill Maher in religion, and holding my own, in one...and in the other I was counseling a friend's father on the strained relationship with his son. I sometimes get the feeling God is preparing me for things ahead while I sleep.

I read in the Mt. Calvary weekly newsletter (taken from a WebMD article) that each person only has so much willpower in a given day. This "scientific fact" was then used as a reason as to why we may struggle to get everything that needs to or that we want to get done in a given day, not to mention challenges with discipline in the areas of physical and spiritual health. I don't like things that offer excuses for why we are failing in life. I am always trying to improve myself in every area and exhort myself to get more done when I am not completing those things of which I believe I am capable. To offer someone a convenient reason as to why they aren't exercising regularly or spending time in God's Word every day is counterproductive to the nth degree. If the reality is that you are struggling then find ways to overcome your struggles...don't turn to something that will cause you to embrace your complacency. If you start believing that you can't do something, then guess what? You won't be able to do it. Reality places enough inherent restrictions...we don't need to make up more.

Of course, take it one step further and you are implicitly removing God from the equation when you say that something can't be done or I don't have the capability to accomplish what is set before me on a given day. The Bible doesn't say that I can do some things through God who gives me strength. No...I can do ALL things. So we can talk about medical facts or motivational deficiencies all we want but they are ultimately meaningless in the face of the Lord God Almighty. If you walk in the strength of the Creator of the universe there are NO limitations to what is possible.