Friday, December 14, 2007

Kinda Interesting...

"Money" magazine highlighted the individual salaries, investments and sources of income for several of the 2008 presidential candidates. Here is a snippet:

John Edwards -- the most “populist” of all the candidates is worth about $55 million. Edwards made some nice coin suing doctors and hospitals before he entered politics, and then he launched a creepy alliance with Fortress Investment Group. It pays him about half a million a year to serve as a part-time consultant and manage about $20 million of his money.

Rudy Giuliani is worth over $52 million. Rudy collects several six-seven-figure salaries… one from a lobbying and security consulting company he launched in 2003, another from a Houston law firm, more from book deals and a healthy share from the 124 speeches he delivered in 2006, at $200,000 a pop.

Hillary Clinton’s total net worth: $35 million, mostly from book deals, law firm days and her husband’s outlandish speaking fees.

Mitt Romney has some to $250 million to play with! The humble Mormon candidate founded Bain Capital, a hedge fund.

McCain has about $40 million in the bank.

Obama, the “poorest” of the bunch, is still worth over a million bucks.

What, if anything, do these people know about the average American household, whose median income is about $48,000? Makes me want to vote for Obama. OK...not really. But it does remind me of an age old question: What does someone with power most want?

More power.