Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tim Keller at Oxford

I love Tim Keller. I love his heart for God and for people. I love his ability to teach plainly yet with insight. He makes the Gospel relatable and compelling. His book, "A Prodigal God" greatly changed and improved the way I viewed my relationship with God.

I aspire to teach like Keller, preach like Chandler and love like Chan. ultimate example is, of course, Jesus Christ, but I think these men are great examples to follow on my way to Him.

In the following videos, Keller takes on some big questions about Christianity from Oxford students. His approach in his answers is worth taking notes - for believers and non-believers alike.

Question 1: What is Christianity’s stand on other religions and do we call people of other faiths our brothers and sisters?

Keller @ Oxford Question 1 from March of Morn on Vimeo.

Question 2: I’m gay, but I want to be a Christian. I feel the need for a transcendent Savior and lover as you said last night, but I also long for human intimacy while on this earth. And the two following Christ and this seemingly innate desire for human intimacy and companionship appear mutually exclusive. What is your response?

Keller @ Oxford Question 2 from March of Morn on Vimeo.

Question 3: Why does the Bible make no mention of evolution or of lands outside its immediate context, of foreign creatures or those extinct before the book was written?

Question 4: Yesterday you said that the wages of sin are death. Can you explain what you meant by that?

Question 5: How is the God of love the same being who commands the extermination of whole ethnic groups?

Question 6: Can religion be explained as simply a product of social evolution?

Keller @ Oxford Question 6 from March of Morn on Vimeo.

Question 7: How can I be sure Christ has entered my life?

Keller @ Oxford Question 7 from March of Morn on Vimeo.

Question 8: The Christians in the Crusades justified some of their actions because they saw armies of angels with them and heard God telling them what to do. They backed this up with testimonies of many eyewitness. Is this not the same as justifying the Bible by many eyewitnesses who saw Jesus after he died? If the people in the Crusades were mistaken why were the eyewitness of Jesus not?

Keller @ Oxford Question 8 from March of Morn on Vimeo.

Question 9: Why did God create man in the first place?