Saturday, May 22, 2010


I thought I would relay a couple of anecdotes related to a witnessing opportunity I have had with a friend over the past couple of days. I have given a clear Gospel presentation to her in the past but it hasn't taken hold. Still, she is open to at least allowing me to talk to her about God. We were instant messaging yesterday and a door was opened.

We were talking about my job in the midst of the financial market turmoil here and around the world over the past few weeks. I mentioned that it is stressful (as we are losing assets under management) but I try to take emotion out of the equation when it comes to approaching the markets and my own account. She wanted to know how I couldn't be emotional when it directly affected my own financial stability?

It's at this moment that I got the urging from the Spirit and my spiritual eyes were wide open. I knew this was an opportunity. So, I basically quoted Scripture and said, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." I explained further that what I meant was that if money was a factor in my happiness and joy in life, I would be a wreck. And that goes for every day of my life for the past 6 years or so, not just the past few weeks.

So she said that she thinks for most people it is stressful if you cannot take care of your family. Again the Spirit stepped in and I replied, "Do you put your trust in money or in God?" (As an aside, I thought at that moment about the fact that the motto on our money is "In God We Trust." I don't think it is a coincidence that God put that there since money is such a seductive idol for so many.)

Then today we ran into each other online again. She was talking about her relationship with her father and how it has always been distant (in her late 20s now). Last night I had been thinking about recommending the book "Captivating" to her and I had forgotten about it until she said that and God reminded me. So, I told her she should get this book and sent the Amazon link to her. Well, in the product description it uses the word "evangelical" which is a red flag for her, primarily due to the homosexual-hating evangelicals that the media portrays. (Of course, it isn't the media's fault. It's the fault of those who have hate in their hearts and claim to be of God but know very little about Him.)

Again, the Spirit took over. How do I know? Because I have never had this thought before. I explained that the word evangelical is a way to describe Christianity but when it is portrayed in a negative light that shouldn't then be taken to generalize that every Christian is bad. Here is the Spirit part...I said "it's the same analogy as those "environmentalists" who burn down Hummer dealerships...wouldn't be very fair to lump someone in who is on the Gulf Coast saving oily birds with those people." She agreed that was a good analogy (thank you God!) and said she would get the book.

So was a good day.

ADDENDUM: We talked for another 2 hours after I posted this blog. Look at these questions she was asking:

So if it's not about us, it is about God...but in what way?
If we are created in God's image and His law is written on our hearts than why doesn't that work for so many people?
Why did God give us cravings for sin?
Do you feel vulnerable in your love for God?
If we are created in God's image and He is a spirit than why are we physical beings?

In answering the last question, I talked about it being God's attributes and not His appearance, that are meant in the word "image". Something clicked in her on that in terms of how she had traditionally viewed evolution and creation. It resonated with her.

Pretty good stuff. I was exhausted toward the end as it was after midnight but it's obvious God is working in her and I would have stayed up all night if that is what it took. So keep Jane in your prayers for rebirth and me for wisdom.

Crazy Love

Getting ready to start Francis Chan's book for care group. I have only read for the foreword and I like it already. God has been talking to me a bit about living more for Him and less for myself. I know this book will be convicting and challenging but I pray it will also be motivating and life-changing.

I like to see who I am reading before I start. I think this is a good intro:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chandler Update

And here is a link to a page with some Chandler interviews/videos (which I haven't watched yet) including from his recent trip to London:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's Sermon Thought

If your circumstances affect your joy than you haven’t placed all your hope in Christ. – Colossians 2:6-7