Saturday, January 6, 2007

And we're off...

Almost accidentally typed in "and we're odd"...that would have been a strange beginning but perhaps just as truthful as the one I ended up typing.

So why create a blog? Because everyone else is doing it? Sure. Because I am narcissistic enough to believe peope will want to pour over every word I utter? Perhaps. Because I want people to see me use big words like narcissistic? Definitely.

I guess the primary reason is that it might be worthwhile to get thoughts out of my head and onto the screen to help clear my mind before trying to get some rest. Not to mention that it might be a good way to help keep family and friends more actively informed in the goings on in my life. This way they can all congregate to one spot...many birds, one stone. I also think it will help me think things through more by taking the time to spell them out here. Any measure of self introspection is worthwhile no matter the medium.

I won't promise that I will be posting daily or every other day or every fifth day for the matter. No expectations at this point. We'll see how it goes and if it can keep my attention longer than a "Frasier" rerun. Once I get a million people reading this thing I plan to start signing up advertisers and should be going public a couple years thereafter. Then I'll have the money to hire someone to write this thing so I can finally rest.