Monday, December 31, 2007

Phil Hartman

I know this isn't the type of happy, feel good message that would be typical of a New Year's Day post. I was watching a 90s retrospective on Saturday Night Live this evening and they talked about the deaths of Chris Farley and Phil Hartman. The former was tragic in that it was self-induced and the latter was tragic in that it was at the hands of his drug-altered wife. While it is often true that television isn't the greatest source for improving one's mind, it has provided me with much needed laughter and smiles over the years.

Phil Hartman was amazing. The man could play any part, do any voice, deliver any line. Those who knew him loved him as a person and as an entertainer. I don't know if he knew Christ as His Savior. But I do know the world was a better place with him in it and I still miss him.

I share a lot of the things that make me laugh. This clip of his castmates on Newsradio is something that always brings a tear to my it should. It shows just how much he meant to them and to all of those who felt they were his friend just from watching him on their TV screen.

Quick Follow Up

Bill Keller's devotional from 12/30 did a good job of spelling out the church's responsibilities and it is certainly worth repeating here:

The church's greatest responsibility is to bring the lost to faith in Jesus Christ. I realize the church is to spiritually feed its members, to equip the saints for service, to be a place where Believers can find fellowship with other Believers, and where most followers of Christ serve Him. However, without question the most important job of the church is to reach out to the lost and hurting and to help lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of their sins, and God's free gift of everlasting life through faith in His Son!

Thank you Lord for our time together this evening. May Your Name be glorified throughout this broken world and in my life in 2008. Amen!