Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Example of BAD Flip-Flopping

OK...remember that I said good flip-flopping could arise when a point of view is changed after receiving new information or having a change of perspective from a new eye-opening experience? Here is the opposite of that:

In an interview last week Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) made a statement that "mental distress" is not a sufficient reason for a woman to have an abortion. If Senator Obama had stuck by his assertion that would have been a dramatic policy shift both for him and for the pro-abortion Democratic Party. The junior senator from Illinois quickly "revised" his remarks in an attempt to both backpedal on his comments and to further muddy his extreme views on abortion. In his interview Senator Obama gave a false description of the bill he repeatedly worked against while he was in the Illinois state senate, legislation that would have protected children who survive abortions.

This is classic pandering. I will say one thing to one audience and something completely different the next day to a different group because I want all of their votes. This is what happens when a far-left candidate tries to move toward the center to position himself for the general election. You get inconsistencies in the message. It's the same thing as when Bill Clinton would change his hair color to appeal to different audiences. It's pretty impressive when your lying skills even extend to the color of your hair.

Barack - this ain't gonna work. Just pander to the people who voted for you over Hillary and hope for the best in November. This kind of nonsense you are pulling now is going to get you despised by both ends of the political spectrum.